Roulette Residency, NYC 1/2018

Spectacle /ˈspek.tə.kəl/

 – an unusual or unexpected event or situation that attracts attention, interest or disapproval (Cambridge Dictionary); spectacle noun (UNUSUAL EVENT)

On the base of my previous commission for the Roulette series NEW+ADVENTUROUS in 2017, this year, I have been chosen for the Roulette Residency with a support of Jérome Foundation.

I will perform my new whole evening piece Spectacle, which is one hour solo piece, where I am merging the construction and physicality of hichiriki, habits around its use and making and Japanese Gagaku notation with a research on ethnomusicological methodology in a field, influence of continuity and discontinuity in Michael Jackson´s work, my environmental performance practice, dance and accordion playing.

There will be sound, noise, music, movement and show. I want to make the pieces specific to Roulette venue and its equipment. I am preparing scores for lights, choreography for sounds, scenes focused on things and playing with water and wind.