Aging, New York 05/14/2021

„Really strong and tough new recording from Lucie Vítková and James Ilgenfritz, ‚Aging‘, on Infrequent Seams, for electronics and double bass. Seven pieces, somber, dark, growling and rich with complex layers and attacks, like magma flowing and encrusting. Excellent work.“ Brian Olewnick

Lucie Vítková / James Ilgenfritz (

My new album Aging was just released on the Infrequent Seams, where you can find seven works for electronics and contrabass with preparations I wrote for bassist James Ilgenfritz. The various metal, wood, rubber, and fabric objects in the preparations on the bass create a specific sonic environment where the bass and electronics are inseparable.

V | Lucie Vítková / James Ilgenfritz (

The video for Aging no. V was created by Yuri Zupancicto accompany the music. The video’s myopic imagery uses darkness, light, and color to explore the passage of time and the ambiguous relationship between the concepts of closeness and emptiness.

You can read more about the album in the interview made by
a brilliant writer and composer Anna Heflin, who has interviewed me for her website Which Sinfonia:

For Lucie Vítková, Aging Brought the Melting of Melody (