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Vibrant Matter, Berlin (DE), Feb 2020

I have created a new piece Vibrant Matter for the festival Vibrant Matter in Berlin at KM28. The quartet was played by Stellan Veloce, Evelyn Sailor, Martina Poznańska and myself. The composition was created through 12 graphic scores which were installed in the space and was performed on February 20, 2020.

Batard-Emergency, Brussels (BE), Jan 2020

During the Batard Festival, I have performed with a new piece called Emergency on January 30, 2020. The piece consisted of four acts – Migration, Wild Animal, Wind and Water. I have created four graphic scores for the performance, playing synthesizer, tap shoes, sonic costumes, accordion, hichiriki, using voice, water and wind.

photo by Cilian O’Neill

ISSUE Project Room, NYC 2/2019

Wednesday, February 6th, ISSUE is thrilled to present a collaborative performance between two of America’s most renowned experimental artists, and members of ISSUE’s Advisory Council, theater director and visual artist Robert Wilson and film director, screenwriter, actor, and musician Jim Jarmusch. In a benefit concert supporting ISSUE Project Room, the two will stage a new collaboration featuring Wilson reading John Cage’s Lecture on Nothingalongside improvised musical accompaniment by Jarmusch. The evening opens with a performance from Czech composer, improviser and performer Lucie Vítková, an emerging artist who presents work with an experimental approach to accordion, hichiriki, harmonica, voice, and tap dance. 

Photos by Cameron Kelly McLeod courtesy ISSUE Project Room (3 photos) and Dustin Dis (last photo)

Roulette Residency, NYC 1/2018

SPECTACLE /ˈspek.tə.kəl/

 – an unusual or unexpected event or situation that attracts attention, interest or disapproval (Cambridge Dictionary); spectacle noun (UNUSUAL EVENT)

photo by Wolf Daniel

On a base of my previous commission for the Roulette series NEW+ADVENTUROUS in 2017, this year, I have been chosen for the Roulette Residency with a support of Jérome Foundation.

I performed my new whole evening piece Spectacle, which is one hour solo piece, where I am merging the construction and physicality of Japanese double-reed instrument hichiriki, habits around its use and making and Japanese Gagaku notation with a research on ethnomusicological methodology in a field, influence of continuity and discontinuity in Michael Jackson´s work, my environmental performance practice, dance and accordion playing.

photo by Muyassar Kurdi

There was sound, noise, music, movement and show. I made the piece to be specific to the Roulette venue and its equipment. I included scores for lights, choreography for sounds, scenes focused on things and played with water and wind.



Women Between Arts, NYC 10/2017

On October 22nd, I performed my Piece for Accordion and Tap Shoes at the first concert from the new series Women Between Arts of curator and performer Luisa Muhr. The event took place at The New School´s Arnhold Hall, Glass Box Theater, along a butoh dancer Yokko and guest speaker and artist Shelley Hirsch.

„Women Between Arts series has been created for women who work with elements/a combination of music, theater, dance, poetry, and/or visual arts in an unconventional way. Each series feature three women artists and their work. The performances are about 15 minutes each and there is a talk-back after the performances where audience members have the opportunity to learn more about the artists, their work, and their process.

Women Between Arts has been created to provide a platform for and encourage dialogue between strong female artists of at least one or a combination of multiple fields to create interdisciplinary work.“

Gagaku residency in Tokyo and release of MUSIC DOMESTIC in New York, 2017

 Mentor/ Protégé Summer Program 2017 (Tokyo, JP)

As a hichiriki player of Gagaku ensemble of Columbia University of NYC, I was chosen to go to Tokyo for a 6-weeks residency where I will study with masters of Japanese Ancient Music. I am going to study hichiriki and dance with Sensei Hitomi Nakamura.


MUSIC DOMESTIC (Bánh Mì Verlag, NYC 3/2017)

My long expected album MUSIC DOMESTIC was released at the   New York based label Bánh Mì Verlag of Jack Callahan in March 2017. The label releases the music on cassettes in a limited edition of 50 and distributes them around East and West Coast and in Japan. The album of eight recordings introduce my  research on domestic instruments. I am playing instruments such as accordions, hichiriki, voice and objects together with vacuum cleaner, fans, heating, shower, toilet, kettle and washing machine. Web.

Big thanks to  Pauline Oliveros who lent me her wonderful TITANO accordion.

The album was featured in a selection of cassette focused web TABS OUT.

OPERA (world premiere), 04/12/2017@Roulette, NYC

OPERA is a new whole evening piece for singing instrumentalists of The OPERA Ensemble. The piece features a classical form of opera filled by contemporary and experimental music materials. The OPERA is influenced by utopian thinking and its environment includes sound, visuals, fashion, lights and movement. The libretto derives from texts concerning voice by Adriana Cavarero. In the piece, these texts are translated into a Morse code and are incorporated into musical structures. The whole piece serves as a transformative space for all the performers, enhancing each individual in aria or in duet.

Lucie Vítková – composer, accordion, voice, drawings/ visuals, staging, conception; Sophie Leetmaa – harp, bowed psaltery, voice; Sydney Viles – theremin, feedback, voice; Martha Cargo – C flute, alto flute, bass flute, bansuri flute, voice; Sky Macklay – oboe, piano, feedback, voice; Carolyn Hietter – soprano saxophone,  alto saxophone, voice. Photo by Muyassar Kurdi.

The ROULETTE Commission and Herb Alpert Awards in Arts, NYC 2017

I have been commissioned by the Roulette Emerging Artist Commission Program with support of the Jerome Foundation to write a new piece. The date of the concert was set on Wednesday April 12, 2017, and I am going to write a large piece which will be performed during my portrait concert during the music series Roulette NEW + ADVENTUROUS.


Moreover! This autumn, I have been nominated on Herb Alpert Awards in Arts in category of music for year 2017.



The inter-species music continued…after the last year bird poetic album And Vex the Nightingale, the OHIO CICADA TOUR is coming up on Terra Nova Music!

David Rothenberg – clarinet, iPad

Lucie Vítková – accordion, harmonica, voice, hichiriki

and hundreds of thousands of cicadas!


Now, also available online (6 tracks only).

Bird Music RELEASE and Cicada Short MOVIE, NYC 2016

June 21, 2016, we played with birds of Brooklyn Botanic Garden during the dawn and dusk as part of Make Music Day New York. The group consisted of David Rothenberg (clarinet, electronics), Charlie Raugh (guitar), Steve Scholle (shakuhachi), Hank Roberts (violincello) and myself on accordion, hichiriki, voice and objects.

The event was reviewed in The New York Times and in ECM Reviews.


The music was released on New York based label Terra Nova Music. Available as Inside the Bird Chorus: Live at the Botanic Garden.

Earlier that spring, we decided to find a brood of seventeen years old cicadas in Ohio and to do three days field work while playing long daily sessions with them and a final concert at the Bath Nature Preserve. The short movie Cicada Music in Ohio made out of the tour was filmed by Matthew Aidekman and edited by Umru Rothenberg. The latest news: it was accepted into the Short Pole London International Film FestivalBarcelona Planet Film Festival and to the Ethnografilm 2017 in Paris.

You can watch the movie here: