Bird Music RELEASE and Cicada Short MOVIE, NYC 2016

June 21, 2016, we played with birds of Brooklyn Botanic Garden during the dawn and dusk as part of Make Music Day New York. The group consisted of David Rothenberg (clarinet, electronics), Charlie Raugh (guitar), Steve Scholle (shakuhachi), Hank Roberts (violincello) and myself on accordion, hichiriki, voice and objects.

The event was reviewed in The New York Times and in ECM Reviews.


The music was released on New York based label Terra Nova Music. Available as Inside the Bird Chorus: Live at the Botanic Garden.

Earlier that spring, we decided to find a brood of seventeen years old cicadas in Ohio and to do three days field work while playing long daily sessions with them and a final concert at the Bath Nature Preserve. The short movie Cicada Music in Ohio made out of the tour was filmed by Matthew Aidekman and edited by Umru Rothenberg. The latest news: it was accepted into the Short Pole London International Film FestivalBarcelona Planet Film Festival and to the Ethnografilm 2017 in Paris.

You can watch the movie here: