Emerging Artist of Czech Center and FEATURE DOCUMENTARY Accept, NYC 2016

I have been chosen for the emerging artist program called the Thomas M. Messer Bohemian Creative Hub housed at Czech Center New York. During the spring 2016, I prepared a workshop about composition, everyday life and listening and also composed new piece Optional for American ensemble Interference which was premiered at the ballroom of Bohemian National Hall.

CCNY also screened a feature documentary movie about my work and life entitled “Accept” as part of the Eurasian Film Festival held in the CCNY cinema. More about the movie here.


In summer, I participated on the Rooftop Ciné-Concert Series,  where we played introduction set with the NYC Constellation Ensemble. In the second part of the evening I provided the inspired soundtrack to the silent film: Golem.


NYC Constellation Ensemble, from the left: Sydney Viles, Bishu Chatterjee, Sophie Leetmaa, xx, Jasper Hussong, Ben Lussier, Lucie Vítková