OPERA (world premiere), 04/12/2017@Roulette, NYC

OPERA is a new whole evening piece for singing instrumentalists of The OPERA Ensemble. The piece features a classical form of opera filled by contemporary and experimental music materials. The OPERA is influenced by utopian thinking and its environment includes sound, visuals, fashion, lights and movement. The libretto derives from texts concerning voice by Adriana Cavarero. In the piece, these texts are translated into a Morse code and are incorporated into musical structures. The whole piece serves as a transformative space for all the performers, enhancing each individual in aria or in duet.

Lucie Vítková – composer, accordion, voice, drawings/ visuals, staging, conception; Sophie Leetmaa – harp, bowed psaltery, voice; Sydney Viles – theremin, feedback, voice; Martha Cargo – C flute, alto flute, bass flute, bansuri flute, voice; Sky Macklay – oboe, piano, feedback, voice; Carolyn Hietter – soprano saxophone,  alto saxophone, voice. Photo by Muyassar Kurdi.