I am happy to announce a release of my new album Chorals through the Prague label Signals from Arkaim.

Lucie Vítková_Chorals_cover

I have been composing these chorals for about one year for different occasions, though mainly for friends so that we could play together. Therefore each piece was recorded in a different location and under a different circumstance, bringing with it its own unique experience.

You can download or listen to it here.


For the Reflektor series no. 5, I was challenged to create new piece on a theme: “Interplay of Sound and Performance”. It was a great opportunity to evolve my accordion and tap dance skills into one homogenic piece and to perform it in front of the huge crowd of people at the venue West Germany along Christiane Hommelsheim and Malte Giesen.

Big thanks to Stella Veloce, Anaïs Héraud and Katie Dunbar for great organising and promoting.


The peak of the spring season for me was the festival about improvisation Vs. Interpretation, presented by the Agosto Foundation in Prague space NOD. I was on the program with my solo set Ideas and Techniques (accordion, harmonica, voice) and was part of the conference with the paper about Christian Wolff´s music and improvisation. Over five days (16 – 20th July 2014) I met and heard great music theorists and improvisers such as Pauline Oliveros, George E. Lewis, Iva Bittová, Markus Popp, Joëlle Léandre, Annie Gosfield, Phill Niblock and Petr Kotík.


It was a great honour to be drawn during the performance by my favourite American artist Morgan O´Hara.

Documentation at:


OSA (Ochranný svaz autorský) is a Czech equivalent of the organisations such as BMI, ASCAP, SOZA, GEMA, PRS or BUMA.

Last Wednesday, I was awarded as The Most Successful Young Author of Classic Music for 2013. The event took place at the  Hybernia Theater in Prague on 18th June 2014.


Photo by Petra Kateřina Bučková

The Czech Television made a short report (see from 8´30´´):

Czech Television Report (ČT 1)


Echofluxx is a festival of new media, music and art, organised by American artist Dan Senn (co-founder of well known venue Roulette in New York).

Echofluxx has own specific international atmosphere and introduces artists from over the world, mainly from USA and Czech Republic.


Echofluxx Ensemble: from the left – John Keston (Minneapolis), Mark Zanter (West Virginia), Agnes Kutas (Budapest-Prague), Brigid Burke (Melbourne), Michael Karman (Portland), David Means (USA), Lucie Vítková (Brno).

This year, I had an opportunity to participate on the program in various ways – solo recital Ideas and Techniques on May 6th, premiere of my new piece Flute and Tape, commissioned by Lenka Kozderková on 9th and also as a memeber of the Echofluxx Ensemble at the end of the festival on 10th.

The festival events were very well documented, so you can experience the unique space and acoustics of Trafačka Arena in Prague through these videorecordings:

Review of the festival for the Assymetry Music Magazine by Michael E. Karman.



February 16th with my lovely friend Laura Steenberge at her house in Oakland.

Accordion, Viola da Gamba and Voices
Laura Steenberge_Cathedrals


Lucie Vítková_Fast Interaction, Ready Made 02


February 18th Music of Lucie Vítková at Center for New Music, 55 Taylor Street, San Francisco
…nice and bitter… (accordion solo)
Behind the Wall (for ensemble)
Transparent Melody (for ensemble)
With Voice (accordion, harmonica and voice)
Ensemble Improvisation

Matt Ingalls: clarinet/bass cl., John Ingle: alto sax, Ben Kreith: violin, Tim Perkis: electronics, Lucie Vítková: accordion, harmonica, voice


February 23rd with Bob Marsh, Joe Lasqo and Joe Snape at Berkeley Arts Festival…

With amazing person and versatile artist Bob Marsh, we created a duo of tap dancing accordionists!


During my stay I was invited by my great friend and composer Sivan Eldar to give a talk about percussion in my compositions at the John Adams Young Composer School at Berkeley. I talked about DEKA DANCES, ACCEPT, FRAGILE PATTERNS and SKATING.

February 26th


February 28th – for the last concert I selected some pieces from my new album Ideas and Techniques. We performed at Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT) at Berkeley.


I shared the night with the wonderful Joe Snape and his Tired Music.


You can read about the event here, in short review by Catsynth!


Proposal for an Alteration of the Score


Proposal for an Alteration of the Score is the newest release by Jolana Havelková (visual artist) and Lucie Vítková (composer). The work is an allusion to František Kmoch, a 19th century composer who lived in the Czech city of Kolín. Jolana has created new interpretations of Kmoch’s works and turned them into graphic scores. These were then played and recorded by Lucie (on accordion, piano, organ and voice) at different places, each somehow relating to Kmoch’s life. The result is a minimalistic and rivetting work, combining lost memories and flashbacks with Kolín’s contemporary sonic environment.

Teaser on Soundcloud –


31st August 2013, New music festival Ostrava Days 2013, Dům Kultury Hall, Ostrava, CZ.

Lucie Vítková_MAsterpiece (ensemble, symphonic orchestra and choir ad libitum); conductor – J. Kalitzke, Temporary Ensemble, Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava, recorded for Czech radio Český Rozhlas Ostrava.

My third time at Ostrava Days residency. This biennale is always highlight of the year!

This time the organizers with Petr Kotík invited composers such as Philip Glass, Christian Wolff, Charlemagne Palestine, Peter Ablinger, Jon Gibson and Carola Bauckholt.

All photos by Martin Popelář.


During the rehearsal with Johannes Kalitzke.


MAsterpiece was played at the closing concert of the festival: and the ensemble was created of resident students of Ostrava Days. We got a very specific instrumentation together – Lucie vítková-harmonica, Máté Balogh-melodica, Ben Richter-accordion, Diale Mabitsela-el. guitar, Nissim Schaul-violin, Béatrice Laplante-english horn, James Ilgenfritz-double bass, Jack Callahan-drum set.



As a member of Ostravská Banda, I played the accordion in Peter Ablinger´s piece Three Places Ostrava – Cathedral of the Divine Saviour, City Market MM Centrum, Foyer of former Union Bank. The whole piece includes the transitions from place to place, when the audience is helping us to carry our music stands and instruments.


The improvisation ensemble led by Thomas Buckner, with guests Christian Wolff (piano) and Jon Gibson (saxophone). For this set I chose to play harmonica to be capable to move around and explore very specific environment of Coal Mine Michal.


Charlemagne Palestine instrumented his Schlingen Schlängen for Ostrava for piano, voices, accordion, double bass and organ. The half an hour piece finished the concert night with a huge sound in the hall covered in red light.

Here you can see the documentary film which shows the interviews with the composers of Ostrava Days 2013:

Composer, Improviser, Performer