Proposal for an Alteration of the Score


Proposal for an Alteration of the Score is the newest release by Jolana Havelková (visual artist) and Lucie Vítková (composer). The work is an allusion to František Kmoch, a 19th century composer who lived in the Czech city of Kolín. Jolana has created new interpretations of Kmoch’s works and turned them into graphic scores. These were then played and recorded by Lucie (on accordion, piano, organ and voice) at different places, each somehow relating to Kmoch’s life. The result is a minimalistic and rivetting work, combining lost memories and flashbacks with Kolín’s contemporary sonic environment.

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31st August 2013, New music festival Ostrava Days 2013, Dům Kultury Hall, Ostrava, CZ.

Lucie Vítková_MAsterpiece (ensemble, symphonic orchestra and choir ad libitum); conductor – J. Kalitzke, Temporary Ensemble, Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava, recorded for Czech radio Český Rozhlas Ostrava.

My third time at Ostrava Days residency. This biennale is always highlight of the year!

This time the organizers with Petr Kotík invited composers such as Philip Glass, Christian Wolff, Charlemagne Palestine, Peter Ablinger, Jon Gibson and Carola Bauckholt.

All photos by Martin Popelář.


During the rehearsal with Johannes Kalitzke.


MAsterpiece was played at the closing concert of the festival: and the ensemble was created of resident students of Ostrava Days. We got a very specific instrumentation together – Lucie vítková-harmonica, Máté Balogh-melodica, Ben Richter-accordion, Diale Mabitsela-el. guitar, Nissim Schaul-violin, Béatrice Laplante-english horn, James Ilgenfritz-double bass, Jack Callahan-drum set.



As a member of Ostravská Banda, I played the accordion in Peter Ablinger´s piece Three Places Ostrava – Cathedral of the Divine Saviour, City Market MM Centrum, Foyer of former Union Bank. The whole piece includes the transitions from place to place, when the audience is helping us to carry our music stands and instruments.

The improvisation ensemble led by Thomas Buckner, with guests Christian Wolff (piano) and Jon Gibson (saxophone). For this set I chose to play harmonica to be capable to move around and explore very specific environment of Coal Mine Michal.


Charlemagne Palestine instrumented his Schlingen Schlängen for Ostrava for piano, voices, accordion, double bass and organ. The half an hour piece finished the concert night with a huge sound in the hall covered in red light.

Here you can see the documentary film which shows the interviews with the composers of Ostrava Days 2013:


American premiere of my piece Accept for accordion and symphonic orchestra in New York at the Beyond Cage Festival!

Nov. 07, 2012, at 8:00 pm | Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava: Cage, Wolff, Vítková

Ball Room, Bohemian National Hall (321 East 73rd Street, NYC)

Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava
Lucie Vítková
, Accordion • Petr Kotik, Conductor

Christian Wolff

individuals, collective (2012) WORLD PREMIERE

Lucie Vítková


John Cage



Many thanks and gratefulness to Pauline Oliveros, who lent me her TITANO accordion for my performance. Wow, what a great sound, very brilliant instrument!


the wulf. 1026 s. santa fe ave #203, Los Angeles ************************************************

Dec 1st 2012 8:00 p.m.

Music of Lucie Vítková

Soft Songs, Brass Trio, Reflections, Youth, In Memoriam

the wulff

Piece Reflections for accordion and dancer/performer consists of two performers, accordion,light source fixed on my accordion, 2 mirrors and darkness. The piece is based on reflecting sound and light with mirrors. I have one smaller mirror fixed on my face and second bigger one is in the hands of the performer, in this case in hands of my friend Jules Gimbrone. The sizes of the mirrors determine the form of the composition.


Composer, Improviser, Performer