Lucie Vítková: Portfolio


Environment (2021) for ensemble and symphonic orchestra

Audio Recording and score:

Room (2020–21) for ensemble

Audio Recording:

Score: Lucie-Vítková_Room.pdf (vitkovalucie.com)

OPERA (2016–17) for singing instrumentalists

Video Recording:

Score: https://lucievitkovaportfolio.files.wordpress.com/2017/11/lucie-vc3adtkovc3a1_opera-score.pdf


OPERA Ensemble (2017-present)

Watermill Center Residency (2021)

OPERA Ensemble gives a workshop at the Watermill Center

Temporary Ensemble (2011-present)

Temporary Ensemble plays Changing the System by Christian Wolff at the Underland Gallery, Brooklyn NY.

Lucie Vítková – accordion; Teerapat Parnmongkol – oud; Kwamé Sorrell – tenor recorder; Melinda Faylor, Elizabeth Adams – keyboards; Leo Chang – voice, piri; Drew Wesely – el. guitar; Mae May – el. bass

Composer, Improviser, Performer