TEMPORARY ENSEMBLE Changing the System: book reading concert

at Underland Gallery August 10, 2022

A Reading Concert is an event of hybrid form consisting of the reading of a music analysis book and live performances, where the ensemble performs the piece which is analyzed. This way, the analysis continues to be presented publicly together with the performance, where the players and audience can enjoy the music and contribute further to the analysis through discussions and participation. The Temporary Ensemble played pieces by Christian Wolff, Changing the System for two quartets of open instrumentation, For John/ Material for ensemble with open instrumentation and Stones, which is an open verbal score, where the audience can participate. During the event Lucie Vítková read from their book Compositional Techniques of Christian Wolff and Social Aspects in Music – Nakladatelství Janáčkovy akademie múzických umění (

Lucie Vítková – accordion, Teerapat Parnmongkol – oud, Kwamé Sorrell – tenor recorder, Melinda Faylor, Elizabeth Adams – keyboards, Leo Chang – voice, piri, Drew Wesely – el. guitar, Mae May – el. bass


A duet whirling in this seminar (sonic) shadow, dances themselves in continuous inconsistency between being and becoming.  
Lucie Vítková – synthesizer, harmonica, hichiriki
Teerapat Parnmongkol – guitar

Blansko a okolí ve folklórních písních

…is a site-specific project about the city of Blansko, its environment, people and sound. Documentation at:

Acoustic Paintings and Medialog

Projects in collaboration with visual artist Pavel Korbička.

In the project of Acoustic Paintings, the performer plays the amplified ink soaked rubberband strings. The final visual result shows the sound process gathered into one moment at the canvas or wall. Documentation at:

Acoustic painting no.34

Medialog is a long distance intermedia project, connecting various places using the voice-over-Internet Protocol service Skype. The language spoken in these conversations is not verbal, but rather derives from the artists’ individual practices: the cross-disciplinary discussion through light (Korbicka) and accordion, harmonica, piano and vocalisations (Vitkova).

Laser beams from one place (Brno, Ostrava, Opava, České Budějovice, Leipzig) are filtered through Korbicka’s webcam and projected from Vitkova’s screen onto a plain, white wall in the second place (Den Haag, Los Angeles), transmitted back to the first place, along with the Skype-filtered instrumental sounds. The spectator – listener perceives everything in real time, the modulation of space and sound in a distant country by the light, as well as the retrogressive modulation of light by the sound.

Medialog no. 44

Proposal for an Alteration of the Score

…is a project in collaboration with photographer Jolana Havelková. Documentation at:

14. J. Havelkov+í_Svornostenka_akordeon, zvuky z okol+ş_accordion sound of environment menší 16 malá

Temporary Ensemble

Since 2011, I have been an initiator and organizer of the Temporary Ensemble, which is a contemporary and experimental music ensemble. The ensemble is organized only for a temporary time in various cities to study scores or play a concert. Its members are mostly musicians who are interested in contemporary academic music as well as different genres beyond the borders of the institution, and exploring new ways of playing through the interpretation of  various kinds of scores (classical, graphic and verbal). I always seek for unique personalities of the location I am in, to discover its musical spirit and potential. For these people I write new pieces or organize meetings to play.

vila kabila soft2a
June 2012, Synzine no. 3, Vila Kabila, The Hague: Soft Songs in instrumentation for whistling girls

The first Temporary Ensemble was put together in 2011 at the Hague Royal Conservatory to play my composition Looking for Nongestural Gestures (for ensemble). Since that time, I have also initiated a Temporary Ensemble in Brno, Los Angeles and in Berlin.

At the last concert in Berlin, Temporary Ensemble played Changing the System and Peace March 10 (for John Heartfield) by Christian Wolff, exploring various forms of possible relationships within an ensemble.


    • 2015 Berlin (DE), Universität der Künste; NK Projekt
    • 2014 Ostrava (CZ), PLATO Gallery
    • 2013 Brno (CZ), Besední dům; Ostrava (CZ), Dům kultury
    • 2012 The Hague (NL), Korzo Theater; Villa Kabila ; The Royal Conservatoire, Los Angeles (USA), The Wulf
  • 2011 The Hague, The Royal Conservatoire


Some of the members:

Julia Reist (CH/ BE), Ivan Babinchak Renqvist (SE/ NL), Maya Verlaak (BE/ NL), Lovorka Holjevac (HR/ NL), Rebecca Lane (AU/ DE), Ritwik Banerji (USA/DE), Evelyn Saylor (USA/DE), Andy Ingamells (UK), Janneke van der Putten (NL), Anton Alfvén (SE), Leo Svirsky (USA/ NL), Ellen Arkbro (SE), Andrew Fedorovitch (AU), Michael Winter (USA), Eric KM Clark (USA), Aidan Reynolds (USA), and more.

Composer, Improviser, Performer