Religion, TripTicks Tapes, NY 2022

Religion is a new album made in collaboration with composer and performer Leo Chang, released by the experimental music label TripTicks Tapes.

Religion | Leo Chang & Lucie Vítková | Tripticks Tapes (

Leo Chang – VOCALNORI (amplified gongs via voice) and piri
Lucie Vítková – accordion, synth, hichiriki, harmonica, voice, objects

The music is accompanied by a poem by Teerapat Parnmongkol:

Double reeds soar over the mountain

What do we expect from poetry?

Reality is an organize
in the explanation of itself
No Objectively rely upon beyond space

:.. …absurdity is real the truth

Experience alone is a danger of representation

The ambivalent of visibility
That’s the life we live in

Paradox as a breakfast

Unknown eclipsed

What do you expect from the world?


Epistemology of what?

Nothing don’t/can ring the gong of memories

Everything is and what is not

Plural as it’s… venerable as it can free

Crying in lossless faith

Live and die in the sea of love