Seminar Shadow, HEATWAVE 2023

Seminar Shadow’s first album Heatwave for two pianos was released at the Dear Life Records Label in March 2023.

Heatwave | Seminar Shadow (

Lucie Vítková and Teerapat Parmongkol met in May 2021 in New York to improvise and record music, using the instrumentation of an electric guitar (Parnmongkol) and synthesizer (KORG Volca Bass), harmonica, hichiriki, and voice (Vítková). Since then, they have performed under the name Seminar Shadow, a duet whirling in a seminar (sonic) shadow, dancing themselves in continuous inconsistency between being and becoming.

Their music is influenced by experimental music, noise, jazz, rock, metal, and folk music (Czech, Isan/Morlam). The music varies according to the places they play, and they have performed at Wonderville (Uneven Geographies), Sunview Luncheonette, Living Gallery (Undisclosed Locations), Bop Dubu (Nolja), Nha Minh, Scholes Street Studio (Infrequent Seams Festival) and Roulette Intermedium (Pieces from Darkness).

‘HEATWAVE’ (for two pianos), is Seminar Shadow’s first album where they portray their relationship through acoustic instruments. It was recorded on two baby grand pianos (Steinway and Baldwin) at the Red Hook Oversea Recording studio, a beautiful and evocative space which has since ceased operation, during one of the hottest days of the blistering NYC heatwave in August of 2022. These two expansive and cutting statements, Luring (22 min) and Heatwave (24 min), display an intimately developed and potently ontological approach to improvisation and interplay.

“Liveness as in a self-organization in action can’t detach or distinguish from skeleton of memory. A wave of heat is rinsing out inseparably within this heat, where the liveliness is revealing itself as a part of motion and movement that lives through this instinctual response to the environment around it. This recording cultivates and captures the „heat“ response to vibration that has been embodied for over a century of existence.

Within these units of time, we only experience this bit of memory that exists inside our bones of instinct, which heats up our sensory perception and activates that feeling of yearning for the infinite. It is unstoppable, but the desire is genuine, which makes sense if we are listening.”

We have created a music video for our first single Luring, excerpt

Seminar Shadow – Luring (excerpt) (Official Music Video) – YouTube